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A Clean Start for the New Year

Nothing has been typical in the last couple of years.  Case in point, I had skipped one of my annual end-of-year rituals: deep cleaning my office.  Although I was officially off this week and enjoying what is typically a slow week for family law, I did come into the office one afternoon with microfiber cloths and other cleaning supplies in hand.  Before dusting and polishing everything to a perfect shine, I tackled the inside first.  Taking a page from personal development, it is always best to start with what is going on inside before focusing on outward appearances.

It was liberating and a bit nostalgic going through file drawers and cabinets.  I had no problem realizing that handouts from a seminar in 2007 were woefully outdated.  After careful assessment, materials from more recent seminars also found their way to my growing recycle stack.  If something can easily be found online – and my list of Internet bookmarks is the envy of all who see it – I do not really need a hard copy, do I?  I also parted ways with my application to sit for the Utah State Bar exam in 1997, although I did hold on to letters of recommendation and the note of congratulation from the Dean of the University of Utah College of Law.  Those items were placed in my “happy file,” and the rest of the decades-old paperwork was recycled.

Going through files and drawers allowed me to rearrange a few things in my office and place items I want to focus on in plain view and easy reach.  The last thing I did was hang my 2023 wall calendar before turning out the lights and saying a little prayer for my current and future clients I will be helping in 2023.

Another thing I like to do to start the new year is to update forms and handouts.  Under my Resources tab, you will find my updated menu of estate planning and relationship agreement fees and revised estate planning assessments.  I also tested and updated links to helpful resources on other websites.  Now I have a cleaned-up blog site to match my office!

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year.