What is a Family Lawyer?

Several years ago, I began intentionally referring to myself as a Family Lawyer.   More than just branding, I felt this term captured the scope of my practice and better reflected my style and approach to the law.

Why not just call yourself a divorce attorney?

A question I encounter is why I do not call myself a divorce attorney.  This is a valid question because although I am very selective with the divorce clients I work with, divorce matters remain a part of my practice.  I find the term “divorce” too limiting and not representative of the work I do.  I jokingly describe my practice as addressing all of your awkward family situations because, to me, a Family Lawyer is one who can assist in several areas that affect families throughout their lifetime. 

I emphasize estate planning as an essential part of my practice because it is the natural extension of comprehensive family law services.  For example, a client may first come to me for help with a divorce.  As we are wrapping up the details after the decree has been finalized, I will also assist them in revising or creating their estate plan to address their post-divorce needs.  Another example is a client whose initial relationship with me is creating their prenuptial agreement, and I continue to serve them with their estate planning needs.  Of course, the clients who come to me solely for estate planning learn about the breadth of my practice and know I am their resource for all things family law.

 At their core, families are relationships.  I enjoy building relationships with my clients that allow me to serve them and their families for many years.  I know I can help with their family situations, awkward or not.