My Transformation to a Family Lawyer and Businesswoman.

When I started writing my observations on law and life in 2018, I had just completed a self-study course on creating a personal brand after feeling a bit lost in how I wanted to develop and grow my law practice.  The course helped me find a vision for who I was and wanted to be as a family lawyer.  I designed business cards that truly reflect me as a person and convey my values as a lawyer.  You will see images from my card on my personal website and social media pages.

Having taken the time to consider that I had a brand, let alone what that brand was, elevated my practice.  In fact, it elevated it so much that I have neglected writing – something that gives me true joy – and sharing my vision with others for almost four years.   Writing these first two paragraphs feels both comfortable and invigorating.  I am glad to be back and have no plans to leave.  More on why below.

I was recently selected to participate in the Business Image Mastermind created by Master Life Coach Tonya Leigh.  I applied for the program on a whim, which is so out of character for me.  While I encourage my clients not to get stuck in analysis paralysis, I am not one to heed my own advice; I overthink and underact.  The Mastermind was a significant investment of time and resources, yet I quickly applied, not expecting my application to go much further.  After all, I am a family lawyer, not a businesswoman.  Or so I thought.   To my great shock, I was accepted into the Mastermind.  After an intensive – mentally and emotionally – three-day event in May 2022, I am transforming my self-image and can say without a doubt that I am a businesswoman. 

I will be sharing many of the insights I gained from the in-person event and the continued work the Mastermind group will do over the next several months.  One of the things we have done in our group was to make bold promises and then outline the bold moves we will take to make our promises a reality.  I have shared my promises within the group and will keep them there except for one:  to write and publish weekly.   

It won’t be four years in between posts.  I promise.